6 projects in 2020

For a long time now I haven't really released anything. Last thing I actually released was an app that's now offline (RepX), and that was around 2016 or 2017 (can't even remember). I have built things, at least started to build things but never quite got them out there.

I wanted to start GreenScan, an app that lets users scan products, but instead of ingredients you would get an environmental friendliness score and a breakdown of how that's calculated. I realised this is an app that's cool but won't be very useful for many, so I moved on to the idea of making smaller tools that are helpful for people who care about the environment. Things like a guide on how to recycle things based on your local area, a campaign for reusable or somehow environmentally friendly takeaway boxes, a community for people to discuss about the environment as I believe everyone (who cares) should be able to get involved, share ideas and learn from others. I made a few landing pages, setup a blog and forum (empty) and that's about it. I stopped.

I wanted do actually finish SpeakTune as a feedback app, but stopped at planning phase and by looking at some PDF renderers to make a select-and-feedback app. I still have this one on the back of my head, and the domain name for it, but it's just not happening.

I wanted to actually publish my done list app. I started this one (AND HAD AN MVP FOR IT) for a long time, around 2017. The MVP took me about 2 weeks I think. But I stopped when it got a little boring and also I started feeling more pressure to re-focus on my PhD.

I wanted to publish a paper about my pruning work and it's still being written. And re-written. And re-written. And never submitted...

I wanted to start dbx, a machine learning experiment logger from around 2018. That's when the first idea started. But then I sort of left it and focused on other things. Now I got to the point of getting to go and present it to a conference but the software itself is still super early stage, probably only worth a few days for focused work.

I start many things and never quite finish them. I'm not sure it's because it gets boring. All projects have boring parts and that wasn't a problem for me before. It's also partly because of time constraints - my PhD, paid work that I'm doing and so on... Those need focus too, and a lot of it. But when I get 80% there to a project I should push a little extra to get it out there and get some feedback at least.

So this year, in 2020, I'm doing a 6 projects in 2020 specifically to address this "release anxiety" or chronic postponement of releasing thngs.

I define a project as a lenghtly blog post, any software released, any landing page put out there AND posted somewhere where people can find it... The rule is, it's not released if I don't tell anyone about it. Finishing my PhD will count as one of these 6 given that I finish all if it this year.

The first things I'll be releasing are my machine learning experiment project, dbx, and x14.me, a goal tracker (build mostly so I can track my own 2020 fitness goal of 17410 pull-ups).

Wish me luck.

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