What are you grateful for today?

The happy secret to better work

The idea of Glee is based on this TED talk by Shawn Achor, which explains why it's important to focus on the positive, and that writing three things you're grateful for every day, for 21 days, makes your brain scan for positive things first.

References from the talk

Open Source

Glee is 100% open source, released under the GPL v3 licence. View the project on GitHub. We also use some awesome Open Source projects. Check them out as well.

Open source projects used

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All data is saved on your computer. Nothing you type goes to any server. The only date we use is collected through Google Analytics.

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At least for now, Glee is only a small hobby project. If you want to journal things you're grateful on your phone, have all the sync features, etc., you can use one of the existing apps for this purpose.

iOS: Gratitude Journal seems promising.