My projects

Currently finishing up my PhD in Machine Learning / Deep Learning at the University of Southampton, VLC group.

Remote and part-time software engineer at Zendera.

Visit my GitHub profile if you’d like to see somewhat more up to date code. Outside of my PhD, most of my time was spent on:

  • Done, a reverse to-do list for reflection and bullet-point journalling.
  • machine learning experiment management tools, mostly packed in dbx - still early work. Presented at the MLOps Systems workshop at MLSys19
  • RepX, a dead-simple exercise tracker for German Volume Training type of workouts


During Uni (non-coursework)

Hackathon projects, open-source tools, etc.

Uni work

Before uni…

Old goodies. Some of those projects are quite large, some quite small. I’ve learned a lot from, and put a lot of effort into each one.

  • weskate source on github
  • online game of skate
  • SIPOnline
  • clickatellsms
  • collaborative mind mapping nodejs (built at a hackathon with Sabin Marcu)
  • Enzify, playing around with Neo4J and Ruby on Rails. Idea was to map products with ingredients and flag which ones would hard your health. Looking back, I kind of wanted myFitnessPal but was too focused on additives not nutrients. Also, focused on playing with Neo4J instead of building up a database or social features.
  • tzava, multiplayer water-connect game built with Alex Palcuie at a 24h hackathon
  • organised and taught a web development after-class course for younger pupils at my high-school for a semester