This page is a list of my projects. It's a simple list with links to various webpages where available.

I'm currently doing a PhD in Machine Learning / Deep Learning at the University of Southampton, VLC group. My work is in pruning ResNet networks block by block.

I am also a part-time lecturer at the University of Winchester.

Visit my GitHub profile if you’d like to see (up to date) code.

  • Done app, a done-list journalling app. Prototype here.
  • RepX exercise tracker app. Available for iPhone on the App Store (free).
  • Contributed to NE SDK until after the first private beta, and started SpeakTune during EF6.
  • ng2-mock-server a way mock a backend in the frontend to ease web app development. It's quite outdated since I didn't work on any projects that needed something like this for a long time.
  • Freelance developer for Indemand, built the consumer and provider apps with Angular 2 beta. They were front-ends for a sort of a customisable Deliveroo/Uber. Users could pick shops and products, go through a standard checkout process, and see live updates on a map. Drivers/providers could accept/reject orders and would send updates about location.
  • Glee, a small web app I built to play with Twitter's Flight.js framework (it's now abandoned).

During Uni (non-coursework)

Hackathon projects, open-source tools, etc.

  • mathrisjs, built with Corin Chaplin, Andrada Focsa and Khalifa Al-Dahrani.
  • dateris (with Prathap Chandran). It was a fun to build Facebook dating/friend-matcher app. Never released.
  • KnowledgeWallet with Owen, Prathap, Andrei, Zack, Jamie. Built during StartupHacks in Manchester. It was Chrome extension that would let you save questions and answers about the currently open web page, saving the URL as well. It creates flash-cards to help retention of information (with citations), and also a curated database of questions and answers. You could subscribe to questions and answers created by other people.
  • Video Streaming at Facebook Hackathon with Thomas Dubosc.
  • flyingthing @ Lubljana startup weekend. A simple node.js/ web page that smoothly scroll an image on multiple monitors/machines placed next to each other.
  • fish on toast check-in software. A Ruby on Rails app to save barcodes of student IDs to check if people actually who attended Fish on Toast events had membership. Wasn't used besides a few testing runs as it wasn't really a huge problem and my solution required one person to go around and scan students IDs... with a laptop and USB barcode scanner. Also initial implementation was rather buggy.
  • HIVE with River, Radu, Jeremy, Waleed. A Slack alternative with pretty graphics for Mac (inspired by Facebook's chatheads).
  • SPDX parser library for Go as my Google Summer of Code 2014 project. Blog post.
  • Clarity with River, Amir, Mansimran, João, Jeremy and others. It was an all-in-one time tracker tool. It was collecting browser tabs, calls and texts from Android, emails, pretty much everything it could.
  • track command line tool. A command line time tracker.
  • fomad. A makefile, my response to long execution times of maven and refusing to use an IDE for Java courseworks.
  • bikebalance (at BattleHack London 2014, with Mansimran). Attempt to understand where London hire bikes are and where they should be to encourage people via discounts or cash bonuses to cycle them back to their desired location.
  • Ambience - IoT platform built with River, Amir, Mansimran, Radu and others. Attempting to build a home IoT execution engine, where Ambience becomes the glue between tons of devices and third-party apps.
  • Trainspotter at HackTrain 2015, with Mansimran, Linda, and Keit. Contextual advertising for train passangers. App that figures out what train you're on and when you're supposed to wait for connections - and then BANG sends you a coffee voucher (or whatever advertisers desire). Same for when you've arrived to early or other such sitautions.

Uni work

Built during High-School (2008-2012)

Old goodies. Some of those projects are quite large, some quite small. I’ve learned a lot from, and put a lot of effort into each of them.

  • weskate source on github. A "portal" type of website with news, articles, forum, skate spots around Romania, and some social features (user profiles are highly customisable, users can have blogs, pictures, change colours of profile, and more).
  • online game of S.K.A.T.E. Do a trick by dragging and dropping one leg at a time. Did you manage? If you did, the other person has to do it too (it's real-time 2-player) or gets a letter. Get SKATE and you lost.
  • SIPOnline. Online school management. Boring idea, but I've learnt how to use web frameworks and about MVC building this.
  • clickatellsms. YiiFramework plugin to send texts with Clickatell.
  • collaborative mind mapping nodejs (built at a hackathon with Sabin Marcu)
  • Enzify. Idea was: scan a product/barcode and get list of ingredients and whether they're harmful to you or not. Datatabase was nearly blank. First-ish Ruby on Rails project.
  • tzava, multiplayer water-connect game built with Alex Palcuie at a 24h hackathon (InfoEducatie open)
  • Organised a one-semseter after-class course to teach web technologies to younger students in my hometown.